There’s an odd sort of magic that exists through pictures. They are images of a subject or a scene that have, since the time the photo was taken, changed irreversibly. With a click of a button though, those subjects and scenes are captured eternally just as they are in that moment. In a way, photos remind us that no matter how long we pine for things past or fret about the future, the only thing that really exists is the breath we take right now, what we see and feel at this exact moment in the present.

Here is a link to some of the photographic work that I have done:

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2 Responses to Captured

  1. Linda Lamson says:

    Very wise words, my dear…
    Your post reminds me of a quote from The Wisdom Deity, Manjusri…
    One instant of total awareness is one instant of perfect freedom and enlightenment.

  2. talcspin says:

    Eliza, my eloquent niece, your photos are so beautifully artistic! My dear, with an eye like yours, you will not remain bored even in the most familiar old places, for you are able to truly see beyond the banal into the richness that exists in even the “common” and “simple” elements of the world around us, the world around you. These are treasures that will forever keep you surrounded with the excitement and wonder of a child! Bravo!

    PS- OMG!! Awesome pics!! : )

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