Photos, Photos Everywhere

I have officially renewed my account information and from here on out will be posting a few new photos to my JPG Mag site ( each week. New ones are up now. They come from all times and places in my life. Some are from a year or so ago, others will be from today. Each one is near and dear to my heart for one reason or another; it might capture a special moment, or remind me of a wonderful day, or simply make me smile. Here is the latest photo (to entice you to check out my page):

Apparently these little guys are dangerous (at least, thats what my friend led me to believe). I’m not sure I’m buying it though… they’re just too silly looking to cause too much damage.

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One Response to Photos, Photos Everywhere

  1. Linda Lamson says:

    Cool. What is it? And what luscious waters were you swimming in when you spotted him?

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